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Re: Beloved authors – please be aware of these rules!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 6:56 am
by Penina Spinka
Beloved Mod Lucky,
I hope this is the right place. Here's a new question. I have 3 Sam novelettes based on my original character and his adventures with our beloved Mick & Josef. I would like to post all three eventually. The first one - The Beat - has 10 chapters. Is it all right to put them into one post? If so, should it say chapter 1 - PG-17, Chapter 2 - PG-17, etc. for each chapter, or only at the top the first time the title is given? Each chapter is about 4 pages long single-spaced, so the whole story is not too unwieldly. The second novel - POSSIBLY SAM is about the same length. The third and final Sam novel NEW DAY is 17 chapters long, again an average of 4 pages s/s per chapter. I'm still compiling The Beat into an All Chapters format. I'll probably be ready to post in the next few days. If you think this is too much to post in one sending, do you have another suggestion like 3 chapters at a time, 5 at a time? I've seen it done before, but not here. Each story should have a paragraph with a disclaimer and what the story is about at the top - right? I hope for a reply soon.
Penina Spinka

Re: Beloved authors – please be aware of these rules!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:22 am
by allegrita
Hi Penina,

If you look at my story "Moving On" in my R-NC-17 office, you'll see that I posted it as one new post, and then a series of replies, one after another. (You can have up to 60,000 characters per post, so you may want to include more than one chapter per "reply", depending on your preference.)

At the end of each "reply", it is helpful to your readers to include a note to scroll down to the next chapter.

If you post your stories this way, you only need to include your rating in the first post, since the following chapters will be part of the same thread, and the title will include the rating. I've found this to be a great way to post already completed works, or stories I brought here from elsewhere.

If you would prefer to post each chapter as a separate post with its own title, you will need to put the rating in each chapter. If you decide to do the story that way, you might want to ask Phoenix to create a bookshelf for you with the name of the novel. Then you can just call each one by its chapter title, and it will show up as being "in" your novel's title (since that's the name of the bookshelf). You will still need to put your rating in the title of each new post you create, so that people clicking on your stories from the "View Active Topics" page will know what the rating is. To see an example of this, I have two stories posted this way: "The Early Years" (about Mick and Coraline) and "Sonata Series" (about Mick and Beth).

I hope this is clear--if not, please feel free to PM me!


Re: Beloved authors – please be aware of these rules!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:03 am
by Phoenix