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Re: Light and Dark (G) - Mick, Champagne Challenge #176

Postby allegrita » Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:59 am

MLC, thanks for the reread! And yes, you're right, I'd forgotten Mineo's deep freeze in his apartment! :slaphead: Mineo's not as well off as Mick, and he can't afford a nice, long freezer with a cool light and a glass lid. And although I know there are a whole bunch of reasons he was so messed up, maybe that cramped freezer is one cause of his "issues." :winky:

Shadow, thanks so much for your comment! I tend to agree with you that Mick's "no big deal" at the end of the story doesn't ring true. He seems to be trying to talk himself into believing it. I'm glad he has the light. :hearts:
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